Sunday, August 1, 2010

For one more day

Have you ever thought about people passed and if they're still with you? Still around making sure you're ok...that they could be in that cold chill, the goosebumps on the back of your neck, maybe a smell that couldn't possibly come from anywhere in your house, a breeze through your hair when they're crossing your mind or even that time when you see someone on the street, and for a split second their smile matches your loved one's and you could have SWORN it was them.

I believe that there are a lot of people "with" me. Each person impacted me in some way, some may not have even known they impacted me at all or how much. They are in my dreams, sometimes the sparkle in a stranger's eye, or like I said, in a sudden gust of a warm breeze over my neck, seemingly whispering to me.  Always when their smiles or a memory pass through my mind.

Recently it's been a lot more frequent, having an out of the blue thought of my Uncle Mike who passed when I was a young girl, the smile that matches my mom's and my own burned into my memory. Visions of my papa sitting at his spot at the head of the table, or standing over his famous spaghetti sauce. My Grampa Jones in his lazy boy, faded navy tattoos, his lap just begging to be jumped on for a cuddle. My friend Nick Zambeck, making me laugh, helping me through hard times he didn't even know I was going through. These memories I've been having so often, sometimes bring tears to my eyes, and make my heart ache in missing them and their precious hearts so much, but mostly I smile in remembrance, and take comfort in the fact that I know I'm being "hugged" when I feel like I'm alone, that my hand is being held through tough times,  in knowing I'm making my Grandpa, Uncle and Friend proud  and that in the moments they're crossing my mind, they're right there with me.

It's so important to cherish these memories, and to keep their memories alive. Each of these people, are one's who in whatever way molded me to be part of who I am today, they taught me something, or many things, were part of my life, my dreams, my heart and soul. 

Part of my inspiration to write this post, came from the book 'For One More Day' by Mitch Albom, the book is somewhat  based on the same idea that your loved ones visit you when you're thinking of them. The man in the book, gets one more day with his mother who passed without his getting to say good bye, and gets to tell her the things he wished he could have. There are so so many times I've wondered what it would be like to have a passed loved one for one more day, for one more hug, for one more laugh, for one more I love you. 
Life is so precious, and so short, and so very fragile... make sure you're loving the people in your life, and letting them KNOW you love them as much as possible.You never know when you might be wishing for one more day!