Friday, February 26, 2010

My favoritest things: Make up

     I decided every week I'm going to try to come up with a list of my most favoritest (yes I spelled it that way on purpose) things, in different catagories....this week its make up, next week it could be movies, or music, or stores in the mall.  This will be perfect for those "brain fart" days, like today, when I have a monsterous head ache, and I can't make my brain do much else but rattle away in there.
     These 10 items are things I use everysingle day....products that I've stuck with for a while and enjoyed the whole time, it's taken me a while to really perfect my makeup for myself...don't get me wrong, I'm no expert or anything, but these 10 products are what I CANNOT live with out and who knows maybe I will have enlightened you after you read!

M.A.C Studio Fix
Words cannot describe how much I <3 this stuff,
I have very red skin, my face is splotchy, and un even.
Studio Fix hides a multitude of sins. I apply with a brush, as to avoid caking,
and the finish is wonderfully velvety a matted looking.
People tell me how beautil my skin is, and its all thanks to MAC!

Covergirl Lash Blast Luxe in Black Platinum
The blackest black with a slight hint of little silver sparkles.
It gives you awesome length as well as fullness....for those of
you with thin eyelashes like mine, this is something you'll want.
You can just barely see the the glimmer unless you turn your face
and the sun catches your eyelashes...and it just gives your eye
make up that extra "glowy" oomph. Have I mentioned I love it?!

Bath and Body Works 'Twilight Woods'
Bath and Body Works has their signature line and normally
I'm obsessed with 'Butterfly Flower' which is amazingly intoxicating
and floral. I went the other day looking to buy that, but when I came
across this and totally had a "scentgasm" when I did, I bought it. What
                       I love the most is how woodsy and earthy it is...berry, mandarin, coconut, frangipani,
             mimosa, wet honeysuckle, apricot, oud wood, musk, orris, vanilla milk and warm woods.
And warm is smells like you've been sitting in the sunshine!
(Not make up, but I had to!)

MAC eyeshadows
The best eyeshadow EVAH. I drool over eyeshadows at the MAC
counter....every color is amazing, and you can mix and match like
a mad woman. I don't even have a specific favorite, all I know is that 'Nylon' is
the best brow highlight ever, and my newest fave is 'Olive Groove'. MAC is not
neccessarily the least expensive, but in my opinion, with how long the make up
lasts and for how awesome it is, its worth it. I've had most of my MAC eyeshadows
that cost $14.00 a peice, forever. Along with my studio fix, that I can make last
almost 2 months, for $24.00...I consider it a beauty investment.

Mark. Bronzer in Bronze Godess
I got this while ordering from Avon (a previous sick obsession)
a while back and I'm going to be terribly disappointed if I go to order more and
they don't have it anymore. Barely a little tap of a flat headed brush on the powder
and that's all you need, its awesomely potent for how little you need to use, and if
applied properly it gives a beautiful peachy glow, like you've been tanning for a week...
            only not.....lil swirl on the cheek bones and a swish over the fore head and nose, and BAM!   
you've been sunkissed!

Hard Candy Baked blush in Pin Up Natural
I discovered this little gem at Wal Mart one day, while I was trying
to come down from the shock of M.A.X factor being discontinued. I brush a little
of this over my Mark. bronzer, which I use like a blush, and it leaves a very pretty and
dewey finish to your cheeks, and really just brightens up your face. I felt a LITTLE bit better
about my Max factor concealer being discontinued when I got home and tried this....but just
a little....and I'm still scraping the bottom of that concealer by the way.

Pixi Brightening Primer
I had never used a primer before I got this stuff at Target, and now
I know why you're supposed to. My make up stays on so much better with it, and this
particular primer has a little shimmer to skin almost glows from underneath my
studio fix and it's not heavy OR sticky!

Shu Uemura Eyelash curler
All's I got to say here is that you might think and eyelash curler is just an
eyelash curler....spend the extra $20 and let your eyes be opened...pun intended!

Covergirl Out Last lipstain in Flirty Nude (#435)

I for sure have never been a lip stick girl, as a matter of fact
I've always felt weird in lip stick, I'm not one of those girls who
can rock a red lip, or any color lip for that matter. I tried the lip stain
hoping it would deliver, and boy did it! You can make it as subtle or
as dark as you want, it lasts forever and looks super under a nude gloss!

MAX factor Pan stick in Bare Natural ( I think)
I'm sharing this with you guys because I don't think you fully understand
how much I adore this the mom of a 3 year old I have dark circles
under my eyes quite often, and this stuff works WONDERS. You won't
be able to find it in stores anymore, and if you do you HAVE to tell me.

This last thing I'm sharing I've been using for years...literally, YEARS. And it is the most wonderful thing
EVER. It's beauty sleep in a tiny lil bottle. Your hang over savior. Your "I didn't sleep a wink" fixer.
Your "I spent too much time blog hopping, and now I have computer eye syndrome" eraser. I put
this with the makeup because your make up just doesn't look as nice with tired, red looking eye balls.

Rohto V eyedrops

They feel so niiiiiiiiice....

I hope you all might have got something from this, and you feel like you might know a little more about me
now! Happy Tuesday, and have a wonderful and possible wild day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Happy Monday everyone!

         So Trevor and I made a trip to Zoomars in San Juan Capistrano, It's a petting zoo tucked in Old town San Juan. I little hidden gem on Los Rios street, surrounded by historical buildings, cute little restuarants and stores and a whole lotta charm. And the Surfliner train stops right at Los Rios...perfect if you live in LA or San Diego. Its the great day trip. You can go to Mission San Juan Capistrano the site where the Swallows of San Juan Capistrano return every single year. And you'll feel smarter when you leave I promise. Tons to do. Totally historical. Totally beautiful. It's a win win.

          On to Zoomars...this place is completely awesome, I spent $20. That was admission for the two of us, three baskets of carrots, a basket of Rabbit feed, a horse ride, and 2 choo choo rides. Damn good if you ask me...3 hours of fun for $20 bucks? I'm there!  Let me try to describe this place to you... about 1/2 acre of farm animals such as goats, horses, chickens, an adorable black cow named Cookie... us city folks don't see our Bovine friends often, geese, a variety of birds, Llamas, an Emu, Pigs, Turkey, Sheep, Donkeys...annnnd a large corral filled with Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Fluffy Chickens and maybe a Rooster or 2. And children are allowed to terrorize love on the animals/ feed them and squeeze them Elmira style.

Me with said "Fluffy Chicken

The result of my son's compulsive need to
line things up...He organized the pigs.
Let the squeezing Petting lovingly begin!
(look closely at the Guinea pig)

             The train is always a big hit for Trevor, he loves all things wheels. Its this little teeny tiny track, with a teeny little train, with teeny little bells.... I rode in it with him and felt like a total bone head. Not only that but I was having visions of my adult body derailing the mini train and the whole thing go up in flames in a firey crash. It would be just my luck, I swear.

Bye mom!

Very serious. Trains don't drive themselves you know.

Obviously happy to be taking the front seat

                The highlight of the whole day was the horse ride, I was completely shocked when Trevor told me he wanted a horse ride, and actually followed through with it. The last time we were here, he was petrified, and clung to me like a Spider Monkey when I got anywhere close to a horse, or even a pony. This time I had to stop him from practically leaping on a horse. I was utterly thrilled! And made the guy let me walk right next to him on his ride, instead of on the other side of the fence. Not this mom...I'm all up in their business.
He LOVED it, and I got some awesome pictures!

I love how this picture turned out... especially
with the horses name on the back
of the saddle..."Chex"


Goin' through the Desert on a horse with no name.

     There are a ridiculous amount of pictures I want to post...but I'd be here all night! There are just 2 more
I'll post for you, this next one cracked me up...Trevor just went up and sat next to this little boy in a car that
 he didn't know...check out the look on the kids face when he does this.

Excuse me sir.

                   To me it looks as though the goat just said something funny, and Trevor is laughing as a result...  we all know goats don't talk....Just sayin'.

It's always a good time at Zoomars...I judge how much my son likes a place, by how hard it is to get
him to leave.....needless to say we left kicking and screaming...yeah, we'll be back again!

Have a wonderful and possibly wild day folks, and Thank you!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fabulous Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

   This is it first Friday Fragments! I've been reading the Friday Fragments creater herself Mrs. 4444's fragments for some time now, and I've been telling myself, also for some time now, that I was going to do no avail.  This will probably work quite well for me seeing as how I think in fragments 90% of the time... I am a fairly scatter brained person, and at any given point I have random subjects bouncing around in my head like a game of pong. This will be ideal.

***The weather is making me crazy. Don't get me wrong. I am a very lucky southern Californian....we have some of the best weather in the county. We spent the first few weeks of the "winter"in the 70's. So really, I shouldn't complain, I know people buried in feet of snow. I will admittedly say that we Californians are spoiled, and *I* would NEVER survive snow.... I wouldn't know what to do with myself. anyways.... rained for 2 weeks, and then it's 80 for 3 days...and now it's raining again... what the hell man?

***Grey's Anatomy was awesome this week!! And as usual I cried..Grey's is one of those shows that you can count on making you cry, sometimes hard. In all the years I've been watching it, I've probably spent thousands in tissue, not really. But you get the point. Little Grey's hair looks wonderful, Dr. Shepard has a very cocky way about him right now, and I can't really give an example, I just know I don't like it, and the Chief... the speech at the  I really hope he stays. (For those of you who don't watch Grey's sorry you had to read)

*** Is it bad that I haven't watched one second of the Olympics? I hear every body talking about it, and I have no clue.  I feel so very out of the loop, but I find myself un interested, where are they holding the Olympics again?

***I'm having a love affair with my new computer... sorry 1990 dinosaur HP but you and I have just grown appart...i just could not stand you freezing up on me every time I tried to use your web browser. HP Slim line and I are just more compatible, and he's got 3 Gigs....

***New Rolling Stone in the mail!! That honestly makes my day, and what makes it better, is that I practically got the subscription for free... a Jimi Hendrix Rolling Stone T-shirt for 6 bucks at Wal Mart, on clearance...I got it home and realize that the large tag on it was a free subscription. And I will be renwing it!

***And speaking of making my day...I picked my son up from his fathers house this evening, and he just really makes my soul smile! Each week when I pick him up it seems like he's grown, or his vocabulary has expanded...he's growing up and he's doing it too fast. The point of this fragment was to share how straight up amazing it is to hear him say "I missed you mommy, I love you!"

***I  went on a music kick and found some stuff that really just takes me back to my childhood, I've always had one song that my father introduced to me very young, and its stuck with me ever since, Stevie Ray Vaughn's 'Pride and Joy''s the poster child for nostalgia for me. I strongly recommend you click the link!

Yay for the weekend! Thank you for reading my blog, I appeciate each and every one of you! Have a wonderful and possibly wild week end!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lets play catch up!

             As I sit here with my *6 inch turkey on whole wheat with, spicy mustard, extra pickles & peppercinis with the works, from Subway of course...and The Family Guy (Giggity)  on in the back ground, I realize that I have not blogged in over a month... damn I suck. I don't have the slightest idea what those two things have in common with me being a Slacky Mc Slackerson blogger, but you know.... random thoughts pop in my head and I have to get rid of them! Verbal diarrhea if you will! ANNNNYWAYS.

           What's new? I have 2 cats now...well I'm the temporary, possibly permanent surrogate mommy to two fur babies....Toben and Lil Miss....My sister needed someone to take them and I was the lucky weener!! They're adorable, and mischievious.... I forget how scandelous cats can be....its like the just sit there and watch and wait for the opportune moments to do something to irritate you....furry little schemers they are....but I love them....they both have sweet cuddly sides and they're fitting in quite nicely!

          My son is still a heart attacker....he's at this age or phase what ever you want to call it where defiance is his middle name....he MUST make sure you know HE is the "boss", and I blame myself for this...I've always taught him to be independent, but this is where it's biting me in the ass... darn him for being an emotional copy of myself....we will forever butt heads just simply because he is my mini me.... especially temper wise.... one second he's pissed....the next he's laughing...and I'm standing there like an idiot still trying to figure out what happened the second before... its like I am constantly in a state of adjustment...I wake up everyday and wonder what he's going to throw at me. He certainly keeps me on my toes, and makes my heart smile!  Perfect while on a walk in the harbor, he stop and starts picking flowers....and every female that walked by was handed a flower by my about brightening someone's day... I might have cried had I been one of his lady passersby. Or same visit to the harbor, we're eating, and he points behind me and says "Mommy look, there's a gurlel (girl) over there, I LOVE gurlels!" Can we say future lady killer people?!  Long story longer, my kid is the best.

      I have a BOYFRIEND. And a wonderful one at that...he's awesome....he's the Tom to my cruise  teeeheee *blushes*

      And I think last but certainly not least, and quite possibly the most amazing thing EVER. I got a new computer!!! yessssss! I have been subjected to the horror of a dinosaur of a computer that maxed out at 500 MB of RAM....which for those of you who might not know is JACK SHIT. I couldn't even run my web browser and Yahoo messanger at the same time with out it freezing..... hell, I couldn't even run the browser alone without it freezing... it was your run of the mill POS.... like make you want to throw it off your balcony POS....bang your head on the key board, pound your fist on the table, restart every 30 mins. wipin' what I'm spillin'?   Enough about the old and busted and on the new hotness. Now that I can actually do stuff on my computer blogging amongst other things should be MUCH easier!!

     And as abrupt as this ending might be, I think that's about it for now... thank you for listening to my mindless jabber, and now, back to your regularly scheduled programming!

*Subway might be the most wonderful thing is the world...and I might turn into a sandwhich in the near future I eat it so often!