Friday, July 9, 2010


  I have days where everything is just too much, when every bill isn't paid, money is short and stress is high Shooting through the roof, and I'm crying first thing in the morning, because sleep is the temporary magic eraser of all troubles. You're either going to wake up feeling better, Having "slept on it", or you wake up in a panic because the first things on your sleep clouded mind are the said troubles. The second scenario best describes me this morning. I had no coffee. I slept too much. Yes, TOO much...11 hours... and woke up groggy... (and pretty much stayed that way) Cried before putting my makeup on... I  allowed my self a few minutes...gave myself a pep talk...sucked it up and adjusted my tude (or I tried, It was not fully effective until I drank a large Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee with a double shot of espresso, a splash of vanilla creamer a splash of not fat and 4 splendas......yup. Coffee snob. At least I make it myself!) And I worked. But I don't know who I was trying to fool, but I was still a wee smidgen grumpy, a little impatient...possibly snappy...but just a little....

I don't like being a in a bad mood... I try to adjust my attitude every day, and put a smile on my face, I can't control what happens through out the day, but I can control my attitude towards the situations that come my way. It's a new trick I learned, and it's made my life much easier all around. And by being positive, I rub off on other people. By smiling at people, and being genuinely happy to talk to them, you spread the positivity to them. It sounds cheesy, but tell you me it works. I don't know about you, but I want someone to make my day with a smile, or some fun small talk, or maybe even a HUG... lord knows I love hugs from anyone, I'll even hug someone I've just met! (hugs are good. Hugs heal, and make you feel warm!) Some times a big smile and a big "Have a GREAT day!!" is all the encouragement someone may need... This day was one of the days, I was needing encouragement and an extra smile... life was too much for a little while and I needed to be reeled back in. Perspective came in a surprising form.

I had a group of customers, two women, and a younger man, who was wearing some kind of heavy brace around his lower back, and had to walk holding a "walker". He seemed like he had been in an accident of some kind, so young and so dehabilitated, I respected him for what he was going through. One of the women with his was his Grandmother, she had come back in and I stopped her and for what ever reason I asked how he had injured himself. His name was Steven and he has severe arthritis in his back and just had major surgery to help. She mentioned something about concrete being put in his spine, and screws... and  It had been 4 weeks since his surgery and he still needed a walker. He was only 32!!  He had a great attitude, and you could tell he was just trying so hard to get better, you could see the drive. I felt so compelled to just go tell him he was doing great, and to not give up. His grandmother also told me he had been very active at one point... I knew deep down that he had to be frustrated. So out I went, I started by telling him how nosey I was, and that I had asked about him... and that I wanted to encourage him. He seemed shocked at first, I'm thinking not many people walk up to him and say "I want to encourage you". But that's why it can be powerful. He'll remember that moment, or I really hope he will.

The thing is, by encouraging Steven , I was encouraged. Does that make sense? By seeing what he has to go through on a daily basis just to walk, humbled me. Things could always be worse! The going gets tough and it's sometimes easy to say "I'll never be able to do ___", "I can't do ___", "How will I ever get through___" Fill in the blanks. Occasionally it can be hard to see things clearly when you're not seeing things clearly. (yes I really said that) I can't imagine losing my mobility, for any amount of time. I should be looking at the things I HAVE not the things I don't. There has to be a positive in the situation...I might not see it now, but I will learn something from this hard time. Steven has to try 2 gazillion x harder every day to live his life and not let his situation consume him. If he can do it, then I can do it.  Steven was an inspiration to me, and even in the worst days you can find something good if you just reach out and try! A special person once told me "Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional". You can choose to wallow in your issues and let your problems consume you and be MISERABLE, or you can pop a smile on that face and be happy for another day!


dusty earth mother said...

What a great story, Sarah! I love your attitude of encouraging others. As I tell my kids, "Happy is a choice". Some days it's harder to make that choice than others, but still... good for you.

Lourie said...

Wow! What awesome post! And it's so true. You can totally choose how you feel.

Susan said...

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Take Care.

MommyLovesStilettos said...

You are an amazing woman. Just want you to know that! :)

Jimmy said...

Nice Sarah,

I always appreciated people who came up and asked questions rather than avoid me and whisper amongst themselves, losing your mobility is a tough one to cope with and those whispers make it worse.

You are so right about a hug being a source of encouragement a small touch is so healing and this post was great, Thank You

Katie said...

I recently started "mentoring" a young lady in my church who is experiencing similar things I went through 10 years ago. Yet I am in the midst of a not so great divorce. You know - I have been so encouraged by helping her and guiding her...that my own troubles seem miniscule in comparison.

God is good that way!

Another great quote - "Be good to everyone, because everyone is going through a tough time." - Jack Hyles

It may not be as tough as ours, but I guarantee every person who read this blog or who walked across your path has struggled with "some thing" in the last 24 hours.


The Drama Mama said...

You've been on a roll with this great posts. Thought provoking, encouraging, just plain wonderful.

Lucy said...

I love that quote, "Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional." Very well said. This post and your blog in general shows such great wisdom. In fact, I've implemented "Wednesday's Words of Wisdom" on my blog. Hope you can stop by and link up! xoxo

The Drama Mama said...

You are so very right with your post. I love your positive attitude. Some days it's really hard, but at the end of the day it was worth it.

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