Friday, February 26, 2010

My favoritest things: Make up

     I decided every week I'm going to try to come up with a list of my most favoritest (yes I spelled it that way on purpose) things, in different catagories....this week its make up, next week it could be movies, or music, or stores in the mall.  This will be perfect for those "brain fart" days, like today, when I have a monsterous head ache, and I can't make my brain do much else but rattle away in there.
     These 10 items are things I use everysingle day....products that I've stuck with for a while and enjoyed the whole time, it's taken me a while to really perfect my makeup for myself...don't get me wrong, I'm no expert or anything, but these 10 products are what I CANNOT live with out and who knows maybe I will have enlightened you after you read!

M.A.C Studio Fix
Words cannot describe how much I <3 this stuff,
I have very red skin, my face is splotchy, and un even.
Studio Fix hides a multitude of sins. I apply with a brush, as to avoid caking,
and the finish is wonderfully velvety a matted looking.
People tell me how beautil my skin is, and its all thanks to MAC!

Covergirl Lash Blast Luxe in Black Platinum
The blackest black with a slight hint of little silver sparkles.
It gives you awesome length as well as fullness....for those of
you with thin eyelashes like mine, this is something you'll want.
You can just barely see the the glimmer unless you turn your face
and the sun catches your eyelashes...and it just gives your eye
make up that extra "glowy" oomph. Have I mentioned I love it?!

Bath and Body Works 'Twilight Woods'
Bath and Body Works has their signature line and normally
I'm obsessed with 'Butterfly Flower' which is amazingly intoxicating
and floral. I went the other day looking to buy that, but when I came
across this and totally had a "scentgasm" when I did, I bought it. What
                       I love the most is how woodsy and earthy it is...berry, mandarin, coconut, frangipani,
             mimosa, wet honeysuckle, apricot, oud wood, musk, orris, vanilla milk and warm woods.
And warm is smells like you've been sitting in the sunshine!
(Not make up, but I had to!)

MAC eyeshadows
The best eyeshadow EVAH. I drool over eyeshadows at the MAC
counter....every color is amazing, and you can mix and match like
a mad woman. I don't even have a specific favorite, all I know is that 'Nylon' is
the best brow highlight ever, and my newest fave is 'Olive Groove'. MAC is not
neccessarily the least expensive, but in my opinion, with how long the make up
lasts and for how awesome it is, its worth it. I've had most of my MAC eyeshadows
that cost $14.00 a peice, forever. Along with my studio fix, that I can make last
almost 2 months, for $24.00...I consider it a beauty investment.

Mark. Bronzer in Bronze Godess
I got this while ordering from Avon (a previous sick obsession)
a while back and I'm going to be terribly disappointed if I go to order more and
they don't have it anymore. Barely a little tap of a flat headed brush on the powder
and that's all you need, its awesomely potent for how little you need to use, and if
applied properly it gives a beautiful peachy glow, like you've been tanning for a week...
            only not.....lil swirl on the cheek bones and a swish over the fore head and nose, and BAM!   
you've been sunkissed!

Hard Candy Baked blush in Pin Up Natural
I discovered this little gem at Wal Mart one day, while I was trying
to come down from the shock of M.A.X factor being discontinued. I brush a little
of this over my Mark. bronzer, which I use like a blush, and it leaves a very pretty and
dewey finish to your cheeks, and really just brightens up your face. I felt a LITTLE bit better
about my Max factor concealer being discontinued when I got home and tried this....but just
a little....and I'm still scraping the bottom of that concealer by the way.

Pixi Brightening Primer
I had never used a primer before I got this stuff at Target, and now
I know why you're supposed to. My make up stays on so much better with it, and this
particular primer has a little shimmer to skin almost glows from underneath my
studio fix and it's not heavy OR sticky!

Shu Uemura Eyelash curler
All's I got to say here is that you might think and eyelash curler is just an
eyelash curler....spend the extra $20 and let your eyes be opened...pun intended!

Covergirl Out Last lipstain in Flirty Nude (#435)

I for sure have never been a lip stick girl, as a matter of fact
I've always felt weird in lip stick, I'm not one of those girls who
can rock a red lip, or any color lip for that matter. I tried the lip stain
hoping it would deliver, and boy did it! You can make it as subtle or
as dark as you want, it lasts forever and looks super under a nude gloss!

MAX factor Pan stick in Bare Natural ( I think)
I'm sharing this with you guys because I don't think you fully understand
how much I adore this the mom of a 3 year old I have dark circles
under my eyes quite often, and this stuff works WONDERS. You won't
be able to find it in stores anymore, and if you do you HAVE to tell me.

This last thing I'm sharing I've been using for years...literally, YEARS. And it is the most wonderful thing
EVER. It's beauty sleep in a tiny lil bottle. Your hang over savior. Your "I didn't sleep a wink" fixer.
Your "I spent too much time blog hopping, and now I have computer eye syndrome" eraser. I put
this with the makeup because your make up just doesn't look as nice with tired, red looking eye balls.

Rohto V eyedrops

They feel so niiiiiiiiice....

I hope you all might have got something from this, and you feel like you might know a little more about me
now! Happy Tuesday, and have a wonderful and possible wild day!


Shawn said...

Your makeup ideas are awesome!! Just visiting over from SITS----you have an amazing blog!

Hope to come back soon...

Razzle said...

Hi Sarah,
I too loooooooooooooooove my eyelash curler, and YES there is a difference!
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest, after all it is 12:07 am

Summer said...

Okay, first of all....LOVE your blog.

Second of all, I want to go buy all of those products now. Except the Studio Fix, which I already am totally in love with. =)

Stacy said...

Hello darlin'! Love the list you've got going on here. Def. going to get the primer, honestly have never heard of it before...almost makes it sound as if you're fixing to apply paint! LOL!! And already own a few of the CG Lipstain which I am completely in love with! WTH took them so long to make something like this?!

Anonymous said...

You can still stock up on Max Factor Pan Stik here:

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