Monday, February 15, 2010

Lets play catch up!

             As I sit here with my *6 inch turkey on whole wheat with, spicy mustard, extra pickles & peppercinis with the works, from Subway of course...and The Family Guy (Giggity)  on in the back ground, I realize that I have not blogged in over a month... damn I suck. I don't have the slightest idea what those two things have in common with me being a Slacky Mc Slackerson blogger, but you know.... random thoughts pop in my head and I have to get rid of them! Verbal diarrhea if you will! ANNNNYWAYS.

           What's new? I have 2 cats now...well I'm the temporary, possibly permanent surrogate mommy to two fur babies....Toben and Lil Miss....My sister needed someone to take them and I was the lucky weener!! They're adorable, and mischievious.... I forget how scandelous cats can be....its like the just sit there and watch and wait for the opportune moments to do something to irritate you....furry little schemers they are....but I love them....they both have sweet cuddly sides and they're fitting in quite nicely!

          My son is still a heart attacker....he's at this age or phase what ever you want to call it where defiance is his middle name....he MUST make sure you know HE is the "boss", and I blame myself for this...I've always taught him to be independent, but this is where it's biting me in the ass... darn him for being an emotional copy of myself....we will forever butt heads just simply because he is my mini me.... especially temper wise.... one second he's pissed....the next he's laughing...and I'm standing there like an idiot still trying to figure out what happened the second before... its like I am constantly in a state of adjustment...I wake up everyday and wonder what he's going to throw at me. He certainly keeps me on my toes, and makes my heart smile!  Perfect while on a walk in the harbor, he stop and starts picking flowers....and every female that walked by was handed a flower by my about brightening someone's day... I might have cried had I been one of his lady passersby. Or same visit to the harbor, we're eating, and he points behind me and says "Mommy look, there's a gurlel (girl) over there, I LOVE gurlels!" Can we say future lady killer people?!  Long story longer, my kid is the best.

      I have a BOYFRIEND. And a wonderful one at that...he's awesome....he's the Tom to my cruise  teeeheee *blushes*

      And I think last but certainly not least, and quite possibly the most amazing thing EVER. I got a new computer!!! yessssss! I have been subjected to the horror of a dinosaur of a computer that maxed out at 500 MB of RAM....which for those of you who might not know is JACK SHIT. I couldn't even run my web browser and Yahoo messanger at the same time with out it freezing..... hell, I couldn't even run the browser alone without it freezing... it was your run of the mill POS.... like make you want to throw it off your balcony POS....bang your head on the key board, pound your fist on the table, restart every 30 mins. wipin' what I'm spillin'?   Enough about the old and busted and on the new hotness. Now that I can actually do stuff on my computer blogging amongst other things should be MUCH easier!!

     And as abrupt as this ending might be, I think that's about it for now... thank you for listening to my mindless jabber, and now, back to your regularly scheduled programming!

*Subway might be the most wonderful thing is the world...and I might turn into a sandwhich in the near future I eat it so often!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

It sounds like things are going really well! Stopping from SITS!

ShellSpann said...

I eat subway FAR too often. I'll turn into a sandwich with you!

Acting Balanced Mom said...

Stopping by from SITS - Not stopping at Subway was actually one of my new years resolutions... glad you are back blogging and glad to have found you! Congrats on the new boyfriend and new computer!

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