Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fragments are Freakin' fantastic

Mommy's Idea

  I won't lie... I am beyond happy this week is over, My days off start tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the "peace and quiet".  A wee Start over if you will...wiping the slate clean.

  *So, venting helped a bit yesterday, thank all of you for the kind words and the support! It's great to know you all care, I appreciate it more than you know! You rock my socks off!!!

* Its really frosts my cookies that I've been missing Grey's and Ugly Betty...I am so behind and that doesn't jive well! What if I miss something?! I mean this is close to a crisis folks...(am I dramatic enough for you?)
All I gotsta say is, if OnDemand doesn't have the past two weeks of both shows I've missed I am going to be one ticked off Tina. Speaking of shows.....

* I was given season one of 'Weeds' to watch...I've been meaning to watch it but I can't seem to find the time, hence the reason why I've missed the others in my previous Fragment. I digress..... the show is supposed to be really great, so I am excited....and when I finally find the time, I'll be excited then too!

*Crunchy Peanut Butter Cliff Bars are SO good....I ate one just now, as a matter of fact, yummy crunchy, filling, and just all around satisfying. These often get me through the week for breakfast, as they did this week...I work two jobs, so in between they're fast and easy, along with a Banana.

* I am so thankful for my second job...seriously that place is my therapy...I worked there for 5 years before my son, left for 3 years, and due to some job loss issues in June of last year, Im back again...I have an ocean veiw from the cash registers, and they people I work with are beyond wonderful. Everyday I see regulars that have practically watched me grow up. I'm surrounded by old friends and some new, and some pretty awesome regulars. I really could not ask for more.  (annnnnnd I get free coffee!)

*I'm learning how to play Texas Hold 'em...and I'm also learning I totally lack a poker face... I am a dead give away. I need to work on this....and once I do, I'll be a force to reckon with...tell you me.   I love things that require a little strategy....but while I'm learning I'll take it easy....seeing as how I can get a straight flush and not even know I won a huge pot untill someone told me..............But once I figure it bettah watch yo back! usual thank you thank you thank you. For reading, have a fantastic Friday, and of course do not forget to Visit the lovely Mrs. 4444, At Half past kissin' time , the home of Friday fragments!


Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Oh, I love Texas Hold 'Em!! I'm still learning some things about it, but I love it! I hope you have a fantastic weekend, love!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I recently watched the first season of Weeds and I love it!!!!!!

Mrs4444 said...

I love that you have a job that makes you feel good; that's a real treasure.

I saw the first season of WEEDS and absolutely loved it; so different. Then we had to get rid of that channel :(

I love that you don't have a poker face. That means you probably don't even bother trying to lie, either, haha.

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