Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting to know you Sundays

 Ok, so I recently started following a blog called Mann Land 5, the writer Keely is so cute and funny, needless to say I just really enjoy the patootie out of her blog. Every week she does 'Getting to know YOU' Sundays, and I just done did joined. I've seen Julie from Blue Eyed Belle (another adorable favorite of mine, you simply must read!) do it a few times, along with Keely obviously :)

So without any further adieu, here's my first Getting to know YOU!

1 - Why did you start blogging?
   What a great really. I mean we all start blogging for a reason, maybe more than one. Some want to teach, some need an outlet, some want to spread the word about a certain cause. There are photo blogs, mommy blogs, crafting blogs, sex blogs, funny blogs, running blogs. The list could go on...but the one thing each one has in common is that the writer is sharing something about them and their lives. For me it's the same. I guess for me I write to break the "stereotype" for lack of better words, of single moms. My shenanigans are so not the normal shenanigans. I hope to make people laugh, and to maybe just make someone smile while they read, as well as it being an outlet and a way for me to share part of my life with you. Yes, YOU!

2 - Who's the one blog friend that you would want to meet most in "real life"?
As much as I'd like to meet all of my bloggy buddies, Julie at Brown Eyed Belle is just so damn cute, and she would be a very fun person to be around you can just tell, oh and she's got a cute puppy dawg AND  a southern drawl!

3 - Why are you always concerned with losing that "extra 10 pounds" when chances are your husband/boyfriend/friends tell you that you look just fine the way you are?
Wow, these questions are gettin' mad deep yo...  It does not matter how many times someone tells you that you look fine, you aren't going to believe it until you believe it about YOURSELF.  That person is gunna be busier than a one legged man in a kicking contest if you don't have that self confidence. And I know this from first hand experience. YOU are your toughest critic. And I for one am always up for losing 10 pounds!

4 - What's the one thing you wish guys could understand about you?
   Hmmm...I'm a very outspoken person, I am always making sure I am understood, and I am not scared to explain myself. This is totally situational for me and I just can't come up with an example right now, I got nuffin'!

5 - Tattoos. How many do you have and how many are visible when you wear your "everyday" clothes?
I have NONE...although I do want one. And there is only one thing I could think about that I'd want ground into my skin permanantly and that's my son's name, most likely ony my wrists.

6 - What was the best year of your life and why?
Hands down Nov. 15th 2006...the day the light of my life was expelled from my uterus. He is the most wonderful thing to have graced me with his presence..he changed me and my life forever, and in a GREAT way. I LIVE because of that day, I BREATH because of that day, I SMILE because of that day, I LAUGH, LOVE  and am the person I am today, because of THAT DAY.

7 - Name three things you would do if you were a man for one day.
Scratch my ganoids. Taunt helpless woman with my man muscles. Walk around with out a shirt on.

8 - What's your alcoholic drink of choice that usually raises a few
Ahhhh....we're looking for answer such as 'Slippery Nipple', 'Blow Job', or "A sex on the Beach'....I am just not really into drinks that have names representing, sexual positions, or explicit body parts...give me a Kettle one Collins, or a Corona with Salt and Lime and I'm a happy girl. And thats IF. I'm drinking. Which is not often at all these days, if ever.

                                        This was fun....and I really think you should try it...Just sayin'!


MommyLovesStilettos said...

Mmmm I love Corona!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

You wanna meet me??!! How sweet are you! Wouldn't that be fabulous! Love you, doll!

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