Sunday, March 14, 2010

My favoritest things: Pictures of my son

   God knows I have thousands of pictures of my the past 3 years it's like my camera is an appendage...I am the paparazzi of my son's life...I am always trying to get that PERFECT picture, but it's funny, the pictures that were not plannned or were the most random are always the ones I love the most.

This was not easy, 10 pictures?! I love them ALL of course! But without any further adieu here are my top 10 favorite pictures up until now, of my son!

Barely a week old... teeny tiny and fresh out of the oven,
I remember it like it was yesterday, my little miracle graced
me with his presence and my life has never been the same!

Would you just LOOK at the chubbiness!!?? I think it's
the way he's sitting and that adorable sideways hat that
makes me love this picture so much!

My happy little chunky munky in the bath, all wide eyed
and smiley....
(you do not have anything on your screen...its the camera)

Halloween 2007... he was a monkey, and a cute one at that!
This picture wound up being my Christmas card that year.

Again with the bath pictures...his smile in this picture
kills me...I LOVE IT!!

This one because I look at this, and in my head I can
hear how hard he was laughing, his laugh is like music to
my ears!

This was like a Norman Rockwell moment for me...

He had just gotten a hair cut in this picture, and darn it
he looked SO handsome!!!!!

That red dog he is loving up on he's had for 3 years...his whole
little goes with him EVERYWHERE... its torn, has holes
everywhere, and is falling apart from all the love he has for it.
And you can just see his intense love for his "doggy"in this picture.

The goofy side. On the other side of the camera I'm cracking up.

Ok. I know I said 10. But this picture of the 2 of us is just so cute I HAD to...

  I cannot guarentee my favorites will not change, I seemed like as I was going through them all I just could NOT  make up my mind, so I guess I could consider them all favorites, and these were just the highlights :)
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

                                     I hope y'all have a fanfreakingtasctic day!!!!!!


Chaotic Kristy said...

Great group of photos. I would have to say my favorite photo would be the last two. The one with the Halloween teeth make me laugh.

Linda said...

Very cute pictures. Daylight savings time confuses me too. It will take weeks for me to get used to it.

Double Wide Mom said...

I want GRANDBABIES! Is it really creepy for me to pretend he's mine? OK. Yes it is, but treasure those pictures and moments because what they say is true: they grow up TOO fast!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I am the same way. ALWAYS have the camera in my kids faces. But I just can't help it!

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