Friday, March 12, 2010

Holy wow....Friday?!

Mommy's Idea

           Friday, oh friday.... This week started out horribly and ended quite well if I do say so myself... And I DO say. I haven't posted much, it's been one of those weeks that unfortunately blogging got pushed to the side. And it seems like friday fragments are all that's on my blog. But that's ok, because Friday Fragments are the bomb and so is Mrs. 4444!!!!!

**** I put my 2 weeks in at one of my two jobs... job # 1 just had to go.... I dreaded going to work got to the point where I was literally forcing myself to just be motivated to go. I have been talking about it, and saying I wanted to quit for MONTHS. I've been all talk and no action. So as of the 25th of this month I will be simplifying. And man does it feel guuuuuuuuuud. Picking up more hours at #2 along with a .50 raise....booomshackalacka!

****I've gotten lightening fast at Trader Joe's trips....I was in and out of there in 36 minutes tonight.... and that included looking for the Lemur with the St. Patty's day hat on... If you don't go to Trader's you might not know that that have a little stuffed Lemur that they hide around the store, and they use it to keep all the little terrors  kiddies busy. I digress.... I take pride in my Trader's navigational skills....and I left unscathed....

****Each week when I pick my son up after not seeing him for the 3 days he's with his father, it seems like he's BIG. I mean where the hell is my little munchkin going?! He is just so smart, and you can just see that he is getting better at holding conversations and comprehending what you're telling him. And HE POOPED IN THE POTTY. If you're a mom you will understand my excitement. This is something I've been dreaming of for 3 years... truely a time to be celebrated.

**** I've been thinking about mentioning this for sometime now, but haven't found a place for it, but by George, I think the time is now. I was reminded this week by his use of the words I'll be mentioning.  I laugh so hard at my son sometimes... and alot of the time its at the way he talks... my favorite word so far is "Dingers" or maybe it's "horn dogs".
      Below are a couple examples of how the words would be used:

    "Mommy, my mashed my dingers!"= Mommy I smashed my fingers (I don't laugh when my son smashes my fingers...just sayin')

   Me: Trev what do you want for dinner?
   Trev: HORNDOGS!!!! (Corn dogs)

****This is a picture of my night stand the day I finally twitched after sleeping for almost 2 days straight with the dreaded Kidney infection.... I thought the things I had sitting there were pretty random...
From left to right.... Yes...i have a Disney Princess alarm clock...
you know you're jealous! Channel changer...cause I sure as hell wasn't getting
up from my bed... My "eyes" of course I wasn't
wearing them cause I was passed the f***
out!!  Water and lots of it...Baby wipes...cause I use them
for EVERYTHING. Drugs.....just the kind to make me better...TAPATIO?!?!?
Why the eff do I have hot sauce on my nightstand? I dunno....i put it on
everything..... A roll of TP...cause tissue boxes are for the birds.... A Jamba juice smoothie...
lord have mercy on the poor lady that had to witness my crusty ass walking in
to order that,  after a pain killer induced 17 hours of sleep. But damn that smoothie was
wonderfully refreshing!


 I hope from that you all had a good week, here's to a great weekend and don't forget to spring back this sunday!



maddismomma said...

Good to see you back in action...i missed ur posts.. : ) horn dogs.... LMAO... Dingers.... Really LMAO.... that cracks me up... Moo has so many of those funny "MOOISMS" we call them in my family...

Double Wide Mom said...

Boomshackalackalakca! How fun and great for you girl raising this little guy on your own.I'm here from SITS and invite you stop by! Happy Saturday!

AbigailsCrafts said...

*giggles at "dingers" and "horndogs"*
cute :D

GregoryJ said...

It's nice to see that you're better.

GregoryJ said...

And good for you for quitting that hated job.

Matty said...

Oh the things kids say just make you laugh, and make for great memories. I remember when my oldest daughter pronounced yellow as lellow, and my youngest daughter at age 3 insisted that she was a boy.

I didn't know about the lemur at TJ, I'll have to keep an eye out next time I'm there.

Mrs4444 said...

I am so glad that you are well again--that kidney infection sounds like a nightmare.

Hooray on the better job :)

Little cutie pie....

Thanks for joining FF this week! :)

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