Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's time for Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea

If you're a regular reader of my blog, which I certainly hope you are, you know every Friday I jump on Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments band wagon. Love Fridays because I have so much floating around in my head at any given time, a full blown post is just going to come out fragmented..... hence.... the name....yeah..... ANYWAYS.

****I am officially obsessed with the perfume I got from my hunny for my birthday. Givenchy 'Hot Couture'. It smells like nothing I've ever worn, or smelled on anyone else.  It really is fantastic. A little sweet smelling, with a hint of Jasmine and vanilla....*drooooool*

****After missing a week of work due to the whole MRSA incident, I was THRILLED...literally, to be back to work. I'm pretty sure my co workers might have thought I was still loopy off of pain meds, coming back all happy with a stoopid grin smeared on my face. But really, I was just so happy to have the social interaction that I love so much about that job, all of my friends are there, and I have awesome regulars and some pretty cool customers...that, and I can see the ocean from 50 feet away from the front door!!

****Trevor got the movie 'Bolt', actually my boyfriend bought it for him, which I thought was pretty sweet....but the point I was getting at was that I think my head might just explode if I watch it another son LOVES it. It's the ONLY thing he wants to watch, he wants to hold the DVD box and look at it while he's watching the movie, and the second the credits roll he's coming back for more. I'm starting to think an intervention is due.

****I turned 26 this past Sunday.... for some reason this was an odd one for me..I'm closer to 30 than I am 20... I know, I know....I need to shut my trap. I was told that numerous times last week before *the day* crept up on me.... However, I did really have a great birthday in the end.... can't wait to turn 27 25 next year!

****I had posted a while back about the fact that I had accquired 2 cats from my sister, which was supposed to be temporary, and it began to seem more permenant...which was not something I was really freaking out about...untill one of them (both Females only one fixed) went into heat....I honestly wanted to scream half the time.... I could not handle the Howling, purring and meowing, sometimes all through the night and early morning.... 4 am is not an hour I want to be woken up by a cat meowing for some nookie. And yes, I know its my own fault for not making sure they were BOTH de-hornied before I took them, and its just her instinct... but damn, could you imagine if WE acted like that???  I digress....after being down with the sickness, and the in heat cat...and the food and the litter, and my son chasing them as though it was his job in life, I decided it was just too much.... my sister had to find somewhere else for them and they were picked up... I felt bad...especially when they're looking at me like "What did we do?" BUT it's a big load off my shoulders, and I know they're going somewhere safe.

**** I got a disease....and the only cure, is MORE COWBELL!  No really... I got a disease, or an addiction rather to Kandee Johnson...She's a celebrity makeup artist out of LA, and seriously this girl is just downright inspirational....she's got such a GREAT and happy, sunny attitude...not only that but she's uber talented. She does make up tutorials on You Tube, and her channel is just jam packed with fun videos, and makeup tips... I really love her alot. Just sayin. I can promise you that the videos are worth your time, and you will want to keep watching them, all of might even stay up past midnight like I did watching them! Check out her You Tube channel and her Blog of course!

Lastly and not Neccessarily a fragment, Have a wonderful Easter! I'm not sure I'll be able to blog before then, so I wanted to make sure each and everyone of you made sure to enjoy it!!

Im sorry, I just totally almost fell out of my chair laughing at this...
You have GOT to check out Anne Nahm's 'Secret Life of Peeps' series...
I almost peed myself reading them. This picture totally reminded me of it!


alexis said...

hey sarah, thanks for commenting and following. i love sits cause i get to meet people like you! i follow now.

anne nahm said...

lol - thank you for the shout out!

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