Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monkeyin' around

This post is going to be all pictures of my fantastically adorable son at the park, and I might sneak in a couple extras! We had so much fun, and he wore him self out, it was awesome! Nothing better than a tired 3 year old, cause then all he wants to do after is cuddle :)

King of the castle
THE most adorable picture EVAH

Trying to escape the grips of the "mamarazzi"

SUCCESS! I get a kiss!

Well hello!

Doing exactly what he looks like he's doing...

Enjoying the ride

"Imma monstah in a cave mom! Rawr!"

He had to look down....


Looks like he's practicinghis modeling skills

And these are totally unrelated!

I had been talking to Michelle over at Mommy Loves Stillettos about
Wheat grass...I actually took a picture for you Michelle, so you could
see what I was talking about, unless of course you already knew what it looked
like, in that case Nm lol

Here it is juiced

ANNNND last but certainly not least, the AMAZINGLY cheap black and pick Converse high tops
that I am in love with!

FIFTEEN DOLLARS @ TJ Maxx!!!! Yeah boy!


Kori said...

He is absolutely gorgeous-no doubt. And three is wonderful but just wait until he turns FOUR; you will fall in love with him more than you already are.

LOVE the shoes.

FairyPrincessMamma said...

Yes that is one srsly handsome little man : ) Glad you had a fun day... I love having those days with my little moo... it warms my heart.. sometimes it so hard to just get out and do... and when you do ... you're always glad you did : )

Tara R. said...

Your little man is a real heartbreaker! Love the 'kiss' snaps, so sweet!

LOVE the high tops!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

OMG I'm not gonna lie. That shit looks NASTAYYYY! LOL

I'm gonna try it. I wonder where I can buy it around here....hmmm...I'm going to find out now.

Lourie said...

What a cutie he is! And I love it when they wear themselves out too!

Double Wide Mom said...

I love Mammarazza! perfect description!

Letherton said...

cute pics

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Thanks :)

alabaster cow said...

these are truly adorable!

Jimmy said...

He looks like a happy young man, I can see you are proud of him.

Thanks for sharing.

"mamarazzi" I like that

parentingBYdummies said...

I was gonna comment on the park pics until I saw the one of your super-cool-rad looking Chucks. $15?! Lucky!

JamericanSpice said...

I love the photos with your little sweetie!

Hey how does that wheat grass thing taste?

I've been hearing more and more about TJMAxx and they totally rock for prices!

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