Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mommy's Idea
Long week.  That's just about all I can really say to sum it all up. It's been 4 days since I've posted anything, I have busy spurts every week, normally I might have posted something, or tried to mid-week, yesterday would have been a perfect day to do that and I will explain what happened in one of my Fragments.... By the way you gotsta to stop my Mrs. 4444's place, for her Fragments post, she's the queen of FF you know!

****I'm going to have to re-evaluate my stance on how things are going with my father and I...I want to write about it so badly, but I feel like I might not have my thoughts together on the whole thing yet. It's been an emotionally exhausting past couple days, There were not one but TWO situations that forced me to face my demons, and they both involved my father directly...the out come was not good, especially with alcohol involved (not on my part). I'm just so not ok with this anymore...really it's gotten to the point where I almost can't deal. More to come Saturday or Sunday....whenever I grow the balls to post about it.

****Yesterday I slept. I got home from work and I took time for myself. I needed it. So badly. I'm the kind of person who doesn't mind being alone, in fact I like it. Sometimes I want to go pee with out a 3 year old bursting on on me, or roll around in bed without toddler arm in my face, time to take MY time, lollygag, not be in 20 different places at the same time, have have to talk, or think about anything. And like I said, I slept, got home from work, laid down around 6 and started nodding off watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy, I knocked out somewhere around 7 pm, woke up briefly and went to back to bed with the same pounding headache I started my sleep with. When I sleep like that it's when I'm just done. Done with everything...I'm emotionally exhausted and I'm checking out. Come back later, thanks. It was much needed.

****So we've had quite the crazy week at work. Not only are things crazy because we've made some big changes lately but also we've had a wayward whale hanging out in the harbor about 1/8 of a mile down the canal from where I work. The poor lil BIG thing had been straggling behind the migrating pod due to being tangled up in fishing nets and ropes....Whales migrate right past Dana Point every year, and we don't see many past April,  when they get further into cooler waters. Long story short, it was a media circus, and there were literally crowds of people trying to catch a glimpse of her. Sadly to say she didn't make it and was found beached today.  

**** I'm excited to say my boy starts Pre School on Monday... Originally I had planned on enrolling him a little closer to 4, but I was faced with needing to work more and this came at just the right time for the both of us. I think he's ready, and he really needs something to focus his attention on, and have an environment where he can be the cute little sponge he is. I will no doubtedly cry, like ALOT, dropping him off for the first time...this is school, I mean Pre school granted, but it still has the word SCHOOL in it....ahhhhh!!! Make his growing up stop....please, for the love of all that is holy.

****I WON SOMETHING!!! Holy crap I won something!! I checked my emails from my phone at work, and I got an email I almost deleted because I thought it was another one of those "You've won!" emails, you know the ones....But this was  REAL one...I entered a give away over at Our Fine House, and I won. I was so excited it's ridiculous! Here's the official post saying I'm da weener :) Thanks Jen and Joe!

That's all folks, I hope you've all had a super fantastic week!


The Drama Mama said...

Isn't winning something fantastic? It just makes your whole week. You've won something else too, just didn't know it when you made this post.

Come over and see what you've won...

Jimmy said...

It's good to be a winner sometimes huh.

Glad you got a chance to rest and recooperate a bit and I promise it will be rough at first but wont be long that you will be saying "Isn't it time to take you to school yet" Ha Ha

Mrs4444 said...

My dad was an alcoholic, and since I was the most honest, outspoken of his nine children, we butted heads a couple of times per year. It was stressful. Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings changed my life. Good luck with your issues with your dad.

Your son will love preschool :)

Congrats on your win! I'm introducing a giveaway tomorrow, so be sure to get your lucky self over there! :)

Lourie said...

I literally was just in the bathroom and just as I was finishing my 4 y/o just walked right in. Yeah, being alone can be a good thing.

Doreen McGettigan said...

I hope your week is more positive..although you did win husband has been involved with AA for 21 years (and no he is not thirsty anymore) sounds like Mrs. 4444's said or Al-anon; they are both very insightful and will make you feel less like banging your head against a wall!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Awww preschool! :)

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