Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's Like a Fungus

My cell phone.....which died yesterday afternoon, and stayed dead the WHOLE day, night, and now will be dead for most of the morning and possibly early afternoon, I've realized is like a a friggen growth. A fungus if you will... always attached to me... as if my life will certainly depend on what ever phone call or text I will just so happen to get. I was forced to not used my phone yesterday because I had forgotten my charger at work, and even though I had been at work eating yesterday with Trevor, I got home looking to charge my phone and only THEN did I realize where I had left it. I panicked at first...thinking "Oh my  gawwwwwd what if there's an emergency!!?? What will I EVER do with out my cell phone?!" I contemplated driving to go get it....wasting an 1/5 of a tank of gas, and sitting in Southern California Pre Memorial Day traffic for 30 minutes and 12 miles just so I could have my texting back....not to say that my phone even RINGS half the time!

I plopped down in front of my other computer...and tried to forget the onslaught of calls and text messages I would be receiving while my phone was dead...I realize that I have more fungi than I thought....what on earth would I do with out my computer? I shudder. Such an utter tragedy should never even be thought about. I would surely DIE with out my  computer! Or what about the TV? Or my iPod..... or for argument sake I would even  say may car... out of all of them I would say my car would be the worst...I've been with out a car and it is not fun.... I mean you get by, take the bus what ever you have to do but man it's do not realize how much you rely on these sort of things in a day to day basis.

We had a wonderful, almost fungus free day yesterday....couple hours at the gym...where come to think of it, I used more modern machines, and then I DROVE down to the harbor, we had a yummy lunch, and then took a walk in the sunshine, and counted crabs perched on the concrete by the guard rails, waiting for the tide to bring them their next snack (think the crabs at the end of Finding Nemo...hey heyyyy heyyyyy!) then we went to the park and played in the sunshine some more....and this whole time I didn't have a working phone. And much to my shock I was not dead this morning when I woke up and STILL have no phone to use.  I for one think it's about time I stop relying on my modern conveniences so much.

I really don't think it would be detrimental to my survival if I just left my cell phone at home for the day, or maybe even turned it off for a little while or listened to music on *gasp* the radio rather than on my computer or ipod, and that's WITHOUT Spongebob's laugh in the background infiltrating our  brains.  I wonder why my life feels so complicated. And that's because I complicate it.... whatever happened to going HOME to use your phone... must people be able to get a hold of me RIGHT NOW? Or vice versa? What ever happened to reading a book or a magazine instead of rotting our brains with TMZ and Dr. phil.  I remember as a kid, popping a TAPE into my radio and literally waiting there for as long as it took with my finger in the "record" button to catch my favorite N'sync song. Now all I have to do is turn on my computer, tap "enter" on my key board and the song is on my computer and at my disposal.

I've come to an awareness that these modern day "conveniences" might not always be so convenient! Maybe, just maybe my life would be a little more simple if I just stopped worrying so much about my phone or my computer. Or even my car... write letters more instead of emailing....leaving my phone at home while I'm at work or turning it off while I'm spending time with my boy. Taking a power walk in the sun, and using resistance bands afterwards, instead of going to the gym and using machines. Maybe these little modern day conveniences are just such a part of my little comfort zone that I didn't realize how UNcomfortable they really are?  I'm challenging each person who read this to turn your cell phone off for a while... I guarantee you won't miss it as much as you thought...anything important enough will be brought to your attention in an other way and I promise; the world will not stop spinning.

What are some fungi in your life???


Allyson & Jere said...

This is such a GREAT post and so, SO true! But, you challenged the wrong thing..well at least for me. My cell phone is the least of my addictions. The computer, oh good GRIEF the computer. I have gained a rather sick addiction/relationship with it lately and it scares me a little. And my car, i really, really, REALLY would die without it.

Thanks for making me think a little, I liked your perspective.

Jimmy said...

I do actually remember a time when I owned none of these items and life was not too bad then, I suppose you live with what you have and luxury items come as you have the need for and can afford them.

Good Post and a very good challenge to get life back a little bit simpler

Lourie said...

For me it is the computer. I am on it more than I am not. It's crazy. The other fungus is the TV. But now that LOST and 24 are over there is much to look forward anymore. *sigh*
This is an excellent post.

The Drama Mama said...

I don't think I could survive without my pc. I've come to rely on it so much for my info. It would be a sad if I didn't have it.

dusty earth mother said...

Oy... my computer, love of my life. It even has a name. "Cexy". Yes, that is "Sexy" with a "C".

Great post.

The Drama Mama said...

By the way, I've got a surprise for you. Come see!

Miss Angie said...

Really couldn't agree more... I'm trying to get caught up on my blog reading, and then I need to put things away and finish my book club book.

ericka @ alabaster cow said...

i have my best days when no computer, tv and cell phones are involved. it's just...peaceful. :)

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