Monday, May 10, 2010

My favorite things: Places to be


The 'My Favorite Things' Shenanigans are going to be changing just a wee smidgen. I talked last week about MFTM being time consuming, and that's largely in part to to the fact that I like to be all artsy and what not. So for my own convenience and yours if you chose to link up (which would be really cool...I'll give you a cookie.) I'm cutting the list down to 5 from ten. This should make things a little more interesting as well...I'll really have to work hard to narrow MFT down to just 5 per category...cause I have a lot of FT you know!

This week's is My Favorite Places to be:

1. Gram's house
My grandma's house holds practically all of my childhood nostolgia...
well not ALL, but alot. I spent a ton of time there when I was little.
I have that place memorized from front to back...I know the sounds and
smells and where the to find almost anything. I walk in and it's like home.
I'm transported back to years of Chrismases and Thanksgivings. Tennis
games on the Tv...Frank Senatra playing softly in the kitchen at the butt crack
of dawn, my grams house flip flops-a -flippin-and-a-flopping up and down
the hall way (also at the butt crack of dawn). The smell of my grandmas home
made Zuccini bread, and the smell of Bay leaves simmering in my Papa's
delicious spagetti. God bless his amazing soul. Visions of bowls of green grapes
on the counter for me to pick at when I wanted, the times we'd spend at the yacht
club and on my papa's sail boat, The papagayo....and not last...and def. not going to
be least...the Tangerine tree...there will be a post in the near future about the tangerine
tree! The 3 IN said Tangerine tree, my wonderful grams cooking and lastly
my wonderful grams again, picking black berries in a jump suit. LOL I love her!

2. The Dana Point Harbor
I think of good times, good friends and a peacul place to be when I talk about
the Harbor. Not only do I work there, but I've spent most of my 17-23 year old life there.
Memories galore, all which I love to revisit. Days when I had nothing to worry about.
Work work work all day and play play play all night. Aside from that, its gorgeous. There's
nothing better than suiting up and power walking in the sun, with the briney sea air in your hair.
Or early in the morning, when there's not a soul in sight, and all you hear are the bells dinging
quietly, and the water lapping at the side of the boats. Utter peace.


For obvious reasons......

I'm talking about for SLEEP. jeeze. ;)
I really cannot express to you how much I love bed.
I have always been one of those people, who would much rather
spend my mornings in bed with a cuppa joe than up and about all wimbly nimbly
being all cheerful and crap. I love to wallow in my blankets all morning, and it's a
cryin' shame that I don't get the opportunity anymore...but that's ok...bed and I are
likethis...and we'll have our day again!


4.Anywhere and everywhere with my other half:
And for a gazillion reasons...just a few being he's my left partner
in crime...the half that makes his mama whole. My heart, life, and soul. He
breaths life into me with every smile. I would go anywhere with him. And I would
give him big mom kisses the whole way.

5. Church
One of the only places where I feel completely at one.
Totally loved. At peace. Full. And Happy.
I love to chill with my good buddy JC, what can I say.
He's the bomb! Especially recently, I've learned so much,
and each week I go I want more and more.

Hebrews 10:25

Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

Theres my 5 up... I'd love to see what your favorite places are.

Have a super monday!!!


Kerri said...

The harbor looks amazing. ;o) Happy Monday.

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Your little man is SO cute :)

Lourie said...

Bed! I could stay in mine all day too. haha. Your Grams looks totally awesome.

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