Saturday, May 15, 2010


So not only did I win that give away I was talking about in my FF post, but Drama Mama over at The Scoop on Poop bequeathed upon me an award! Seriously made my day, god love 'er! If you've never been over to her blog, I think it would be in your better interest to stop by...or stay...but don't be all know, but be a fan or something. It's worth your time...and c'mon, she's got the word "poop" in the name of her blog...doesn't get much better than that! Oh, and she's very funny...and versatile seeing as how she passed the "Versatile Blogger" award on to me. Thanks friend! I appreciate it alot!!!

So following the rules of the award, I've thanked the awesome human being who graced me with this award, and now, I am to give you guys 7 tidbits you might not know about me.

Uno: I love Vampire literature, more specifically The Sookie Stackhouse series orrr Mary Janice Davidson's 'Undead' series. Twilight...... yup. That's right. I'm a TwiMom.

Dos: I was a huge baby. 9 Lbs. 8 ounces... my mom was hurtin'.

Tres: I'm petrified of jumping grass hoppers, crickets etc. Who am I fooling...I'm petrified of all critters of the insect or arachnid variety.

Cuatro: I have Green eyes

Cinco: I LOVE pickles.

Seis: I've eaten tongue before...and it does NOT taste like chicken.

Siete: I love popscicle stick jokes.  Like this one: What does a pig use on his cuts?***

Ocho: My favorite movie of ALL TIME is 'Hook' with Robin Williams

Nueve: I can speak a pretty good amount of spanish, 3 years in Highschool, I worked at a mexican food resturant for 3 years and my son is half Hispanic, so I've had my fair share of training I suppose

Diez: Tejava iced tea rocks my socks off!

And now for the part where I get to make 15 other people smile!

The award goes to (in no particular order):

You should totally go show some love, these ladies and one gent really are awesome!

Thanks again Drama Mama!!!



Stef said...

Here from Scoop on Poop...
I, too, find complete pleasure with those jokes on the stick. I laugh right along with my kids. Love it!

See Mom Smile said...

Thank you soooo much! I love awards because I totally deserve them....;)
My boys loved hook when they were younger. Favorite line was, "Lookie, lookie! I got Hookie!"

Kerri said...

Thanks Sarah!! Love the award. I'll have to check quite a few of the others you listed...awesome, thanks!

Jennifer said...

It took me a minute to figure out what popsicle jokes were. My favorite is what did the fish say when he hit the wall? Dam.

Thanks so much for the award.

Babes Mami said...

Thanks chick! I will get on this soon!

Allyson & Jere said...

Thanks so much for spreading some bloggy award love! That means so much to me!! AND, better yet, you have now introduced me to several more blogs that I enjoy. Yay you and yay for me!

Jimmy said...

Thank You Sarah,

I do appreciate you including me in this list of Great Bloggers, I am honored to recieve this award and do my best to remain versitile enough to deserve it.

Double Wide Mom said...

Thanks for the award! Versatility is a good thing.

Lourie said...

I love HOOK! In fact, I just showed it to my kids a couple of weeks ago. They loved it. And spent the next couple of days quoting it.

COngrats to you!!!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Well thanks girlfriend!! :)

The Drama Mama said...

Anything Peter Pan related is my favorite, but who could resist Robin Williams? I absolutely LOVE Hook.

I seriously cracked up when you said tongue does NOT taste like chicken. Bwahahaha.

I really need to check out these Sookie Stackhouse stories that everyone is talking about. I'm just curious, but are/were you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

You would think I wouldn't be the blush and bashful kind (you know, poop and all that), but you did have me blushing from all that praise. I feel like a baby who has played in his poop and created a rendition of The Thinker on my bedroom wall, I feel so proud. ;)

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Mmm, pickles!
I came by from Friday Fragments to say Hi!

Cleo said...

Am flat floored!!! You are just too dadburned generous! (If there's such a thing as being "too generous!) Thank you so much, Dear, for the award!!!!!! It brought a HUGE smile to my face! Am humbled...seriously!
Will put together a post about it if I can ever get through the "Homemade Jam" tutorial post I've been working on for a week now!
Just not enough time in a day!!! :):)

dusty earth mother said...

Thank you, thank you, sweet Sarah! Sorry to take so long to get back to you, but I have been slightly brain-dead since my return. Thanks again for the prize--you rock!

Lauren said...

aw thank you sooo much!!!!

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